Trace Analyzer Benchmark of a Ground backed Co-Planar Wavwguide (GCPW) with Dielectric Overlay

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The above structure has dielectric overlay which doesn't fit into the standard template of many solvers.

The parameters for the stripline are given below:

  • w = {30, 60} mil
  • s = 15 mil
  • t = 0 mil (2 mil is used in Trace Analyzer)
  • h1 = 42 mil
  • h2 = 20 mil
  • er = 4.4

Characteristic impedance value computed by QuickField, a finite element (FEM) tool is listed below:


Z0 (ohm), w = 30 mil

Z0 (ohm), w = 60 mil




Trace Analyzer



A specialized version of Trace Analyzer is shown below. User can verify the result by using menu Calculate::Impedance and use it as a template to solve similar problems.


[1] Daniel G. Swanson, Jr. and Wolfgang J. R. Hoefer, "Microwave Circuit Modeling using Electromagnetic Field Simulation," Artech House, 2003, pp. 250-251.

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